SheTech and Company experts are ready to help you with your project implementation by helping train you in the solutions we have provided, including training by a Marketo Certified Expert if you are implementing Marketo as part of your total marketing solution. Here is a sample of pricing for some of our service offerings. Please note that these are examples only, and are subject to change based on the scope and complexity of your project.

Recording Studio and Media Production »

Studio rates do not include additional fees such as extended travel, fuel, parking or city fees for bringing the mobile studio to your location. Such arrangements will need to be made in advance of your event.

Consulting and Training »

  • Full Day On-Site Strategy and Implementation: $2500++
  • Half Day On-Site Strategy, Training and/or Implementation: $1800++
  • Half Day Custom Online Training: $1500 (up to 15 ppl)
  • Half Day Standard Online Training: $1200 (up to 15 ppl)
  • Embedded consultant: $180/hour

Content Development »

  • Training/tutorial video: all prices are per 5 minutes of finished video, minimum price per production
  • Script: $500 and up
  • Storyboard: $300 and up
  • Screen captures: $500 and up
  • Voicing: $500 and up
  • Post-production and final packaging:$250-500 and up (Camtasia; depending on production time)
  • $500-1000 and up (Captivate; depending on production time)
  • Custom bed music, logo, motion graphics, additional still graphics: please contact for pricing

Web Design and Development »

We have a number of bundled web and social media services available. Check out our Web Packages page for more details. Custom design and development of web sites varies widely in price, and is determined by factors such as

  • Degree of customization
  • Design elements (logos, iconography, colors and style sheets, etc.)
  • Integrations with business tools such as eCommerce, email marketing and/or marketing automation, etc.
  • Content architecture, development and deployment
  • Marketing and integration strategy, development, implementation and governance
  • Social media strategy, implementation and integration
  • Maintenance

Please contact us for more information using the form on this page »

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